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Month: February 2015

Chilean Drought Upsets Copper Supply

Another reason why copper prices have snapped its downside move is the drop in production from Chile – the largest producer of copper in the world. Chile is facing its worst drought in its history with January being one of the driest of all time. The drought reportedly began from […]

Greece Panic Adds Fresh Episode

After more than two weeks of exchange of words between Germany and Greece, finally the gateways are open for the new deal in the “Great Greek Drama”. Last week on Saturday, Germany approved a four month extension to the debt payment to be made by Greece to its international creditors, […]

MCX Lead in a Bear Run

MCX Lead weekly chart was traversing along the diagonal channel since the end of 2009. The prices tested an all time low of 40 in 2008 when prices took a severe beating. While in the mid 2013, prices made a new high of 155.4 levels along the diagonal channel.