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Month: July 2015

All Eyes On FOMC Meet Today

Federal Reserve is expected to consider for an interest rate hike this FOMC meeting. The economy is everyday growing for the better and the current low interest rate environment might hinder the pace of the nation’s economic growth. Fed Yellen has always maintained that the fact of looking at the […]

Gloomy Days Ahead For Gold

After the 2009 economic crisis, Precious metals were seen as the safest asset on the earth. Comex Gold Prices rose to $1900/oz levels in 2011 supported by the easy money from across the world esp. the USA which doubled the size of its balance sheet. However, safe haven bets have […]

MCX Gold To Test New Lows In 2016

Gold buying affinity set to witness a major blow Gold prices have dropped continuously for the past three years both on Indian and International bourses. Since the start of this year we have seen YTD returns of MCX gold at negative 4%. Though the selling momentum has been weak; buying […]

MCX Zinc Bounces More Than 8%

As suggested in our previous blog, 124 levels in Zinc on MCX are acting as a strong support and are forming triple bottom at those levels; prices have made a comeback by more than 8% over the previous week. The prices spiked to 121 levels on the downside breaching the […]

EU Proposes Bridge Loan Financing To Greece

European Commission proposed a 7 billion euro bridge financing loan to Greece for this month if Athens adopts agreed set of reforms. Greek finance ministry submitted reforms bill yesterday to the parliament as required in the agreement with the creditors which regulates pension reforms and increases in value added tax […]

The Greece Bailout II – Who Got What

Since the establishment of the currency union back in 2001 experts across the globe were divided of the success of the bloc. A currency union is the establishment by multiple countries of a common monetary policy and issuing authority for their common currency. Euro was established in 2002. Germany, the […]