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Month: August 2015

MCX Cardamom –Long Term Positive

MCX Cardamom have garnered support at long term trend line and have given strong break out above crucial resistance zone of 825 levels. The prices have formed bullish engulfing pattern on weekly chart on MCX the previous week. Retracement study from recent peak of 1214 seen in January this year […]

Is Gold the New Currency?

It may seem archaic to say this but the current aggression amongst economic powerhouse to “adjust” respective currency might just favour the very importance of gold in the exchange reserve. We pondered the fact that nations may be forced to sell their gold reserve if economy continues to be weak […]

Financio-Economic Fabric At Risk – I

The Beginning Of A Crisis The 2008 aftermath saw a surge in currency wars. However past two years have been pretty calm as the currencies tried to regain the fabric essential for sustained global economic growth. This fabric now seems at risk. China central bank (PBOC) devalued its currency by […]