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Nickel Updates

Brace for a Paradigm Shift

This morning have been outrageous in terms of surprises in commodity market. China resumed work yesterday after week long national holiday. Global equities are braving the aftermath seen the previous month. The real winner was the commodity market news that Glencore would be cutting its zinc production by 500,000 tonnes […]

The Sword Called Greece – IX

The preliminary deal finds its way   The European Central Bank has finally agreed to initiate a fresh rescue plan for Greece. The Creditors and Greece officials stretched negotiations beyond the stipulated deadline for Sunday but finally have reached a compromise deal today. The details of the agreement are yet […]

The Sword Called Greece – VI

Euro members want Greece to stay The continued echo from the major players in the Eurogroup since yesterday that all want Greece to stay in the Euro, shows the commitment towards the Union. Merkel has already voiced her pledge to strengthen the integrity of the 16 year old European Union. […]

The Sword Called Greece – V

Eurogroup eyes Referendum decision till further negotiations As the Greece troubles stretches beyond embarrassment for all the parties involved in the negotiations, fresh discussion would only start after the July 5th referendum vote. Meanwhile, EFSF announced the Greek bailout to have expired. Greece has already defaulted on 1.6 billion euro […]

Nickel test year’s low on SHFE move

Shanghai futures exchange approved 3 foreign brands of nickel to be available for delivery. There were concerns about the physical shortage of nickel as unlike LME, foreign nickel brands were not allowed for delivery in the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE). Currently, SHFE allowed only domestic nickel brands for delivery which […]

The Sword Called Greece – IV

Greek 10 year bond yields skyrocket The Greek crisis might just be reaching climax. The referendum to be voted by Greek citizens on July 5th would confirm the fate of Greece with Eurozone. This uncertainty and a confirmed default on IMF debt repayment caused the benchmark 10 year Greek bond […]

The Sword Called Greece – III

The dilemma continues with Tsipras We have reached the deadline of June 30th when Greece promised to repay “the bundled” IMF debt totalling 1.6 billion euros. However, no agreement has yet been reached between the creditors and their Greek counterparts. What we now can see is Greece is staring at […]