About Us

CommTathya is a Mumbai Based independent research and advisory service provider aimed at traders, arbitrageurs, hedgers and speculators in Commodity market in India. Commodity futures market today is in a more matured phase and abound glorious opportunities for traders and businesses.

Agricommodity space presents huge opportunity for the day traders as well as businesses involved in agricultural produce and output. In this period of uncertain climate changes, especially monsoon season in India, one has to make sure he has hedged his physical holdings adequately in order to avert undesirable situations.

Metals arena mainly attracts businesses involved in produce and output. However, it remains largely unexplored by retail investors. Apart from investments in Gold and Silver, retail investors should allocate a percentage of their investments to the metal complex. Crude Oil is the dark horse amongst the commodity horizon. Energy complex offers a wider investment and trading opportunity across the market participants on Indian bourses.

CommTathya provide the latest commodity news and a comprehensive commodity advisory helping you make the best of the commodity market in India.

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